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Can't Leave Negative Feedback on Ebay

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Re: Can't Leave Negative Feedback on Ebay

well that really blows. I for one like to read how others are rated when I go bidding. I've in the past seen some great deals but didn't buy because the rating was bad or the comments were bad. Now who knows what your getting. Sad

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Pat Maahs
Re: Can't Leave Negative Feedback on Ebay

I have been selling for several years on Ebay & had 772 positive feedbacks & no negatives. One nutcase from Calif. (who, of course, does NO selling) has been on Ebay barely a year was absolutely aggriegious & unjustified in what she said/did. I responded in kind. She left negative feedback & a blistering reading of my "pedigree".
Ebay will NOT remove the negative feedback. I have NO recourse so far as saying what I should be allowed to say. This person was clearly in the wrong & Ebay coddled & protected her. I'm left with her negative feedback & now have a really bad opinion of Ebay & its questionable & absolutely UNFAIR policies.
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