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Continue to use Nook while charging?

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When I plug my Nook into the USB port, or the wall charger the screen says "If you want to use your Nook and continue charging, please choose Eject or Unmount from the menu for the Nook drive."

When I choose Eject on my computer using the "Safely Remove hardware" icon in my tray, the screen on my Nook stays the same, even if I press the power button on it, and I can't use it unless I unplug it from the power supply, which may cause me to lose my books and/or settings. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Continue to use Nook while charging?

i had the same problem. i found that you need to open My Computer under the Start Menu, and right-click on Nook, select Eject (or unmount if that's what it's showing) and you'll get the ready screen on your Nook. (Also be sure to do the same thing on the SDCard first if you have one installed).

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Re: Continue to use Nook while charging?

THANK YOU for the right answer!!

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