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Email full resolution photos from your iPhone

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I found out recently that when you email a photo from you iPhone it gets compressed. For the older iPhones like mine that sucks. There is a way around that though. You can email the full resolution photo.

Tap photos.
Tap your camera roll.
Now in the bottom left hand corner tap the share icon.
Tap each photo that you wish to send, multiple selections are allowed.
Now instead of hitting share hit copy.
Close the camera roll and open your email app. Start a new email.
Touch any where in the body of the email then tap paste.
Select the person to send it to and hit send. Now your full res photos have been emailed.

Now to step it up you can email full res photos straight into your Facebook mobile uploads.
Log into Facebook and click settings.
Click the Mobile tab then Go to Facebook Mobile.
Click send my upload email to me.
Facebook will email you a unique email address that you can email photos to and it will put them straight into your mobile uploads.
From my iPhone I created a new contact called Facebook Mobile uploads then pasted the unique email address in then saved.

Now I can pull up photos and just type the first part of Facebook and my iPhone fills it in, hit send and in seconds I have new pics uploaded.

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Re: email full resolution photos from iPhone

Nice discovery izzle. I know quite a few iphone friends I'll make sure they check it out.

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