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FREE Premium Membership

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In the past, we've been asked "will there be ways to earn your way into a free Premium Membership"?

This post, and the requirements may be a forever changing (tweaking) list, so we reserve the right to make changes at any point in time with or without notice, but as of right now, these are the possible ways:

1). This is the fastest and best way to get in quickly:

Submit "codes" (or "loopholes" as we prefer to call them here) to us. By those we mean URLs on social networking websites, such as MySpace, FaceBook, Hi5, etc., that allows others here to do 'unusual' or 'special' things, such as for example, view private FaceBook profiles, view private MySpace profiles, and so on, or parts of them.

The fresher the loophole is, the better, and best if you come up with it on your own so that it's an original here. You will also get a "Code Monkey" badge for your account (). We'd like to be THE hot spot for these types of codes, and discussions of them, (and discovering or uncovering them) and it's your help that would make it so. If you have a code then please don't post it in the open threads (it will only close the thread sooner). If you find one then please send it to GeekDrop and it may fast track you into becoming a free Premium Member.

All kinds of cool codes and tricks are welcome here, so if you have any questions about whether what you want to submit is good, just contact us at the link above and we'll let you know. We're open to a wide range of cool stuff. We do have to be a little discerning about codes however, because some people try to trick their way into free premium, so we'll test the code out privately before posting it in our premium forum area, and giving you free membership. Some may be denied. Rest assurd we're not interested in stealing your code without giving you your free membership, since having you on board in our private area will benefit everyone else there as well. :)

  • Codes from other places (such as a website) earns you three months of Free Premium.
  • Codes you have created 100% on your own (your own work) earns you six months of Free Premium. If you submit a code you created we'll first try to confirm it doesn't pre-exist anywhere, and also if discovered at anytime during your 6 months free premium that it wasnot an original work your free membership will be downgraded to three months. If already past three months of free premium usage, your free premium will be downgraded to a regular non-premium membership.
Once your loophole has been accepted and your free premie membership has expired you are welcome to submit more for another free membership, for as long as you like. You can "daisy-chain" loophole submissions for continuous free membership, however, if we see that you regularly submit codes anyway, you may just earn permanent free premium access. :)

2). Just hang out with us!

By hanging out here, getting to know everyone, helping others with any questions, adding your own awesome content etc., to the site, you can earn your way into free membership. Once you have earned 800 Drops (you can see how many Drop you've earned by looking at your Author Pane in any post you make. Your Author Pane is where you see your Avatar, badges, etc.) you will be given permanent free membership!

Free premium membership to private forums hacks exploits codes for facebook myspace

It's that easy! The more helpful you are, the better. Our moderators keep close watch over the quality of our visitors posts, and quality and helpfulness is what counts here. 800 Drops can take some time to add up, so you'll have to be pretty active!

(This only counts for people who are not already a Premium Member)

Once you've met either of these requirements, you will be a free premium member, and have this badge to prove it! ().

If you'd like to skip the steps above and go straight to subscribing, please click here.

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I'm trying to see if my boyfriend is talking to another girl. I would love to use some codes if there are any. I don't have the extra money to pay for Premium Membership right now but I can share a code and get Premium Membership like I read in a different thread, right? I really need to know what my boyfriend is up to before I totally commit to him. Who can I give the code to? Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to GD Cali Girlie Smile

Yes you can, if you look over to the right, move your cursor over the "Help" menu item, and then click the "Contact" link, you can send the code(s) that way, and once we test it/them, if all goes well you'll get free Premie.

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Re: FREE Premium Membership

Nice info you have there... "free premium account"
i need to try get it because in this forum... i need to learn something new, especially the latest and non available in other online forum @ website.
so the easy way is by getting that free premium account. Wave

If i only have a free account.. so i will have limited source to understandig new thing.
as a premium account maybe i can have an unlimited source to study new thing in here..

as you all know.. i am just a newbie in it worlds. Beat Up
giving a code is imposible for me, because i don't know anything about coding...
the only way i can get free premium account is by posting a usefull thread and by helping other user.

I know.. i was a difficult task, but i need to try it although i know who i am. need to work hard to get that account to make sure i know the latest & premium guide. Thumbs Up

Thank You

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