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Game based on Iraq War?

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Looks like Konami will not be publishing a new controversial video game called Six Days In Fallujah. There's been huge controversy in the US over the release of the game, which portrays realistic scenes from the infamous battle in Iraq during 2004. The game is based on diaries of soldiers, as well as actual pictures and videos taken by veterans of the battle.
The US lost 38 of our country's finest during this battle, and 1500 Iraqis were killed. Konami received some emails, letters phone calls etc from outraged families of the soldiers that perished while fighting that battle.
What do you guys think? Is this appropriate? Is it too soon? Will it ever be ok?

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Re: Game based on Iraq War?

I don't know.....Every battle has casualties right? Look at all the ww2 games that have come out in the past decade. I don't think there is anything morally wrong because there are games based on other real battles, but I guess I can understand if someone thinks its too soon.

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Re: Game based on Iraq War?

I think it's too soon. The war is still ongoing and wounds certainly haven't healed yet.

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Re: Game based on Iraq War?
I don't think people will ever find it appropriate. Almost every game out there has some type of controversal undertones. This can lead to tons of questions that will never have a right answer. Should they have released Call of Duty with veteran still being alive? Should they pull Resident Evil 5 because it has a white protaginist killing black zombies? Or should Adult Swim take down Bible Fights off their website?

It's just a game, I think they should let it be release. People can always choose to buy it or to walk passed it on the shelves, just like when The Goldman's released If I Did It: Confessions from the Killer.

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Re: Game based on Iraq War?

Ummm yeah tough call. I would say too soon. I would think it would be better/easier to have called the city's by a different name. Its one thing to have it based on the war but its another to have it based on a certain battle. I dont think I would be buying it any time soon (my kids are gamers). I would not be happy if I had a loved one killed in the battle - not happy at all.

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