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How to Block Assholes, I Mean, Buyers / Bidders on Ebay

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Anyone who's ever had a job having to deal with buyers, be it, cashiers, customer service, and so on, can attest that dealing with people can be a royal PITA. Selling items on eBay is no different. Especially when eBay is rife with scammers.


I've been scammed several times by buyers, and usually as a seller, you're at the mercy of eBay's absolutely ishty policies, heavey-handedness, arbitrary decision-making that screws you, the seller, and you have zero choice in the matter. Even trying to use eBay's support system is absolutely futile; and more often than not it's completely ignored. Not unlike Facebook, where it's literally impossible to contact their "support" when you need to; but that's a subject for another discussion.


In fact, as a seller, you can't even leave negative feedback on buyers, to warn other sellers. As of this post, there's 33 pages and 641 replies of very unhappy sellers, of which that post is years old, and completely ignored by eBay.


So in the meantime, unfortunately the best you can do is, leave them positive feedback (I know, it sucks) but with a nasty message in it, so hopefully it'll still be read by the people who need to see it, and block the assholes from every trying to bid on your stuff again. so:


How Do I Block Buyers / Bidders on eBay?

eBay even makes this hard to find and convoluted; instead of simply having an option next to each buyer of previous sales, and/or an easy to find link to block bidders, you have to go Googling all over the place, and read up on it. So here's how to do it:


Simply click this link: Block Bidders on eBay

and fill in the user name of the bidders you want to block from buying your items for sale (comma-separated), and then save the list.


Here's a screenshot (which also happens to include a few assholes):

How To Block People from Bidding on my Items On Ebay

And there ya have it. They'll no longer be able to buy your stuff. Eff em and the horses they rode in on. As far as whether they'll be able to still message you, I'm not sure yet, but I have a feeling I'll find out soon, as I just left a couple of nasty feedbacks on the last 2 in that screenshot just before I added them to the block list. Cranky


For the so-called 'official' eBay page on this, visit this link. Happy arsehole Blocking! Big Grin

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