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How To Send An Email With A Large Attachment

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Alot of times at work I have to send out emails with larger attachments. However most email clients have a limit. Here are some of the limits:

  • Outlook - between 2MB to 10MB (depending on what version you are using)
  • Yahoo - 10MB limit (if you have yahoo paid plus then its 20MB)
  • Hotmail - 10MB limit (if you have the paid plus then its 20MB)
  • Gmail - 25MB limit *winner as far as free email service*

So Gmail wins on sending out the larger emails however sometimes you have to send out a file that is larger then 25MB. Here is a great little program that will let you send out up to 100MB FREE, its called "lite" if you use outlook (like I do at work) then they integrated it really easy and add it to your toolbar up top

Now should you need to send out larger then 100MB in a email they do have other versions then the lite that will let you send out up to 2GB however those are paid plans - FREE will get you up to 100MB.

One drawback is you can only send one file at a time. Like today I had to send a email with 2 attachments - one was 42MB and the other was 27MB so I had to send it out as two emails. Hey its free so who is to complain. Big Grin

Here is more info on the "lite" version:

  • Plenty of size - Send files up to 100 MB with a 1 GB monthly download limit.
  • Spread the word - Allow up to 100 downloads of every file.
  • Address book - Keep track of your friends' and family's email addresses in one handy location.
  • Files remain available for 7 days - Give your recipients a week to download the files you've sent.
  • HIPAA Compliant - We are HIPAA compliant. Read more. Click here for more information
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