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How to stop young kids going on Facebook in order to understand?

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Hello, I'm new here, and I have a question for u: How can u stop kids to go on Facebook if they aren't too careful going on? and how will these kids avoid to unknown users or strangers on Facebook?

How do i tell my godsister that it's dangerous or bad to go on Facebook? She's only 10 yrs old. I'm a concerned god-sister who loves her godsister and doesn't want to see her get hurt. please respond!

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Re: How to stop young kids going on Facebook in order to ...

Hi RoseyBell Wave

For a 10 year old, if you're (or your God-sister) going to allow your 10 year old to have a Facebook profile (or any social networking website for that matter), it's probably best to do a few things:

  • Make sure you're profile is also on their friends' list, so that you can monitor what he/she posts, as well as what others' post to his/her page, by visiting it from your own profile, and seeing their posts in your own newsfeed.
  • Make sure you tell them about "stranger danger", and not to talk to any strangers that may try to talk to them.
  • Have him/her give you their login information, so that you can login and make sure things are OK, whenever you want to, and so you can check what's going on in their private messages, that you can't see by simply being on their friends' list.
  • Most social websites, including Facebook, have pretty strong privacy controls, that allow you to change who can and can't see their posts/pictures, who can or can't comment on them, and who can or can't send them messages. Before the child uses their profile for the first time, be sure to go through all of the privacy settings yourself to make sure they're all set to "Friends Only". Then be sure that only real life friends of theirs, that you approve of, are allowed on their friend list.
  • Be sure to also let him/her know that they're only allowed to have a profile as long as you have total access to their login and password, and that you will be going in at will, to check on things, and that it's for their own safety. Chances are he or she will feel their privacy is being violated, but at that age, their safety is more important than their privacy in that situation.

For the most part, once all of the safety settings are set properly, and the parent monitors things, Facebook really isn't (at least in my opinion) a very dangerous place. The settings do work very well, as far as keeping unwanted eyes from seeing and communication from happening.

Hope that helps! Smile

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