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Icons in my Android folders are not showing, they are showing the default Android icon instead?

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Re: Icons in my Android folders are not showing, they are ...

The reason that's happening is because when rebooting your Andorid, the "launcher", (or front-end, GUI, User Interface, whatever you choose to call it), is being loaded on boot before the SD Card is mounted and recognized by the system, and it doesn't know what icon to show for the apps that are on your SD Card, so instead it uses the default green and white icon for those apps.

If the system were just a bit smarter it'd refresh periodically and it'd all fix itself, but alas it does not ...

So the way to fix this is to reload the launcher. Since Android user's have their choice of many launchers (such as HTC's Sense, ADW or Launcher 7 as just a few examples) I'll show how to do it with the HTC Sense UI, it'll be the same for whatever launcher you're using, you just need to change the relevant parts in these instructions.

Android's bad decision making ... default icons

  1. First, you need to find the Launcher running in your processes list and kill it's process, essentially shutting the app down (after all, the launcher is just another "app"). You'll need a Task Manager app to do this. The one I'm using in the following screenshot is a free one named Appkik, but there are a ton that'll do the same thing.

    Find the Launcher's App and KILL IT!

  2. Once the Launcher's process has been successfully shut down, just exit your task list and if it hasn't already reloaded itself, press your "Home" button. It should then simply reload your Launcher, but this time, since your SDCard is already mounted, all of the app's icons in your folders will now be shown properly. Applause

    Happy Android now ... original icons are back instead of the default ones.

If anyone has another launcher and the process is slightly different than what I described, please post your method as well.

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, wanna see?

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Re: Icons in my Android folders are not showing, they are ...

Yes it's work. I just delete mu launcher pro and install again

Thank You

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Re: Icons in my Android folders are not showing, they are ...

Went into settings. Found the Launcher, and forced stop the apps. Went to home page, and all the icon image appeared. Thank you very much for this resolution. It worked.

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