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It kills more people every year than AIDS, breast cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined

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"DVT (deep vein thrombosis) kills more people every year than AIDS, breast cancer and motor vehicle accidents combined," said Dr. Geno Merli, director of internal medicine at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. "Most patients, and even many physicians, don't realize that."

OK that is nice but what is DVT you ask? Ever hear of ppl passing blood clots? Generally its due to lack of movement, such as when one is recovering from surgery, traveling, paralysis... If you remember back to 2003 when the NBC correspondent David Bloom died while riding in a tank in Irag

DVT: David Bloom's silent killer

DVT risk factors

Any of several factors may put a person at risk for DVT. The more symptoms or triggers, the greater the risk:

  • Older than 40 – probability increases with age
  • Prolonged immobility or paralysis
  • Surgery – especially orthopedic, pelvic and abdominal operations
  • Trauma – up to 60% of patients with leg fractures
  • Prior DVT
  • Cancer – particularly ovarian, pancreatic, lymphatic, liver, stomach and colon
  • Inherited clotting disorders
  • Hormone replacement therapy and birth control medications

Medical conditions affecting mobility, such as heart failure, chronic respiratory failure and even pregnancy can also elevate risk.

On Sunday my local paper did a story on it - front page:

Blood clots preventable ... so why rampant?

The National Quality Forum, a public-private group that develops standards to improve safety and quality of health care, recommends that hospitals screen all patients for risk of developing clots. For those at high risk, the group suggests providing preventive therapy such as anti-clotting drugs or mechanical devices that push blood up from the legs.

Symptoms of DVT may include pain, swelling, tenderness, discoloration of the affected area, and skin that is warm to the touch. However, as many as half of all DVT episodes are "silent."

The article basically goes on to explain how stopping certain medication or possibly going on certain medication (blood thinners) after surgery could save lives.

I know boring subject and I'm not expecting many replies (if any). I just wanted to get the info out there. I use to think this could only happen to old ppl or that really only old ppl get it. Sadly I was wrong and in Jan of this year I buried a dear friend I grew up with (more then just a friend more like a sister). She was my age. Had her Dr's put her on blood thinners (after a hysterectomy) she might be alive to kiss her kids at night. RIP Stacey.

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Re: It kills more people every year than AIDS, breast ...

no not boring at all. definitely informative and something for us all to keep in mind. it's a scary thing but something to be aware of.

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Re: It kills more people every year than AIDS, breast ...

Those numbers are staggering. Silent killers are the worst, I always tell my mom when she's travelling to get up and walk around the plane, she buys those tights too which are suppose to help circulation, she said they actually work. Sorry about your friend sm Sad

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