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Laptop to External Monitor settings

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Hi! I hope I am posting this question in the right subforum.

My old LCD monitor at work went kaput yesterday and I had to get a "new to me" monitor from the extra supplies of hardware.

The settings on my laptop monitor look fine for the most part, but the external monitor applications and desktop fonts and icons are way too large and not "crisp" - they are a bit blurry. In my Microsoft Excel 2003, all the cells look as if they are bolded but they are not. My Outlook box is HUGE and people can see if from across the room.

The previous monitor was a rectangular 19 inch, and the new one is a square 19 inch screen. So previously, eventhing had more space to spreadout. Now everything looks cramped together and too large. Not sure if this setup makes a difference or not.

I'm using the laptop monitor as the primary monitor and have the settings at 1024 *768 pixels, 96 DPI, and 70 Hz refresh rate.

I tried getting help from our work helpdesk, but since they are in another country, they can't really tell what my screen looks like. And I have not heard back from the local support group yet.

What other details do I need to supply? I feel like something got out of sync when I plugged up the new monitor, but I don't know how to fix it. I've also tried disconnecting the monitor after restarting my computer to see if it was recognized, but everything is still too big.

Help! My eyes are bugging out!

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Re: Laptop to External Monitor settings

Just to be clear, you're using both monitors at the same time (Dual setup?), or just one at a time? Also, which video card manufacturer makes the video card in the laptop? (i.e. NvidiaNvidia, ATI).

It sounds to me like it's just a resolution switching issue though.You should just be able to right-click on your desktop, go into your settings and adjust the resolution(s) there. You may need to install or re-install the video card drivers from the maker's website so that the new-to-you monitor is recognized correctly. Once you do that after it installs the drivers it should autmoatically remember which resolution settings you chose when you plug it in.

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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Re: Laptop to External Monitor settings
Most 19" monitors support at least 1280 x 1024 resolution, so it should be fairly easy to improve you're vision
In xp, its usually a case of right clicking an empty area of the desktop, selecting properties, then dragging the screen resolution slider bar to the right, then clicking OK, OK....
In Vista, win7, you'll need to again right click desktop, select graphic properties or something like that, and have a look through the menu's, I cant remember offhand, all my systems are XP.
but it shouldnt be too hard to find. HTH Smile

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