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My password is 123456!

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No, not really.... So no trying to hack me please. However, after studying some recently hacked accounts, one person discovered that "123456" showed up the most when looking at 1000 passwords.

A researcher who examined 10,000 Hotmail, MSN and passwords that were recently exposed online has published an analysis of the list and found that “123456″ was the most commonly used password, appearing 64 times.

Forty-two percent of the passwords used lowercase letters from “a to z”; only six percent mixed alpha-numeric and other characters.

Many of the top 20 passwords used were Spanish names, such as Alejandra and Alberto, suggesting that the victims were in Spanish-speaking communities. Nearly 2,000 of the passwords were only six characters long. The longest password was 30 characters — lafaroleratropezoooooooooooooo.

You can read more here. So, without telling us what your password is, is it just letters? Just numbers? Do you throw in letters and numbers? Symbols? Do you have the same password for all your accounts? Come on, tell us allllllll about it. Wink

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Re: My password is 123456!
Heyyy! How'd you know my password was 123456??! Laughing

i actually know a person who always used "password" as their password - crazay!!

My passwords are either very random (no one would be able to guess) or a mixture of capital letters, initials, and numbers.

Speaking of which, it's about time to change them up again. Thank goodness for the FF password manager. Sometimes i lose track!

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Re: My password is 123456!

Laughing thats incredible!! I use quite a few, always a mixture of stuff, i'm amazed I can actually remember them all..

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Re: My password is 123456!

I use a mix of lower and upper case letters, I toss in some numbers and yep I use a symbol or two. My passwords (I have a few main ones I use) are between 7-9 characters long. I also don't use a typical one you would guess.

Another popular password ppl use is "pass123"

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Re: My password is 123456!

I wonder how many of those 123456's were just accounts people really just didn't care if someone got into? I know there are many sites that I sign up to, especially those sites with compulsory registrations that the BugMeNot site (I use the FF extension for it) doesn't have a login already for, that I use something stupid and easy, like qwerty, with a twist Wink

For my real sites I just use Roboform. I talk about that proggie a lot because I've been using it so long and can't even begin to imagine someone being able to live without it. It has a great built-in password generator, and then it also automatically saves the password so you don't have to try and remember it. It's basically the Firefox Password Manager on steroids, and portable if you want to throw it on a Flash DriveFlash Drive too. I wish I could take stock in that company. Laughing

Great post though, very interesting stuff.

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