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Online Shopping Deals

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I could start off by saying that since the holidays are here but lets face it with todays economy we're all in search of some great deals. Needless to say the internet is a vast aray of great deals and scams. Here are some top websites that help bring you the deals and leave you with some cash in your pockets. looks like a retailer's website. The company takes extra inventory from retailer's at deep discounts and pass those bargains onto you.

People who use love it because you can search for items by store. Some of the stores on the website offer a cash back program for frequent shoppers. gives you the rebate without the wait. It searches the websites of 200 companies for the best deals. The company works on commission and many consumers have a problem with that. But argues that it helps them provide good deals to its customers.

Coupon sites: and are user driven coupon sites. doesn't have pictures, but it delivers on value. Deals are rated by users, keeping the best ones on top. When deals expire, they go dark letting you know it's not available anymore. buys overstocked items from retailers and sells them to you at huge discounts. The sales last until an item is gone. Quantities for some items are limited.

Many smart shoppers buy the Sunday circular for sales. But, has the circulars right on its website.

Happy Shopping!

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Re: Online Shopping Deals

great info sm! thank you! smartmom is my cyber/net hero! Not Worthy

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