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RIP Bea Arthur

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In my days of growing up my mother's love for the Golden Girls put her face on our television every afternoon. I grew to love them as well. I had just heard of her passing this morning. Thank you Bea for your talent and memories:

Bea Arthur lost her battle with cancer peacefully in her LA home surrounded by loved ones in the early hours of April 25th.

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Re: RIP Bea Arthur

i Heart the Golden Girls...she was so great in it. at least they say she went peacefully. *sigh* hopefully that is of some comfort to her family and friends...

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Re: RIP Bea Arthur
I don't think I'll be able to watch The Golden Girls the same now that both Bea and Estelle have passed on.
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Re: RIP Bea Arthur

I'm known as a huge GG fan. I was so sad from this and Estelle.

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