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SWTOR: Warzone Quick Travel to Fleet Exploit

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So I stumbled upon a very useful little exploit while playing SWTOR that will let you get a quick trip back to your fleet ship (i.e. the Vaiken Spacedock if you're Imperial) without using your Emergency Fleet Pass or having to burn up your other methods of travel that have cooldowns on them, or manually make the trip, no matter what planet you're on or where you happen to be. Obviously this is also really handy if those are all already on cooldown and you'd be stuck having to hoof it on foot


Just follow these steps

  1. At the bottom right of your mini-map, click the icon that queue's you up to a warzone, and queue yourself up.

  2. Usually you'll get right into a warzone pretty quickly.

  3. Once you're in the warzone just stay in one of the starting areas until you "timeout". You'll first get the warning that you need to move or else you'll get kicked out of the warzone, ignore it and let it happen.

  4. *poof* ... when you get kicked out of the warzone you'll be placed on your fleet ship instead of wherever you were when you queue'd up for the warzone. Smile


That's it, nice and simple, and although it takes a little bit of time to do it's not too bad. And remember, GeekDrop discovered and published it first! Keep coming back for more exploits and tell all your buddies! Call Me Also, if you know of some of your own be sure to post em!

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