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Lvl 50 Dailies

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Was searching the SWTOR forums and found this, if you do all the dailies you can get about 36 daily comms and 220k credits: Dailies

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Re: Lvl 50 Dailies

Cool. I should hit 50 this week. I hope to get at least 2 nights of a few hours each to play and ding 50 by the weekend. I'm looking forward to doing a number of things after the lvling will be over.

  • Flashpoints!
  • lvl alts for fun.
  • datacron hunts
  • exotic pet hunts
  • dailies
  • pvp

I don't really get why people are so bored at 50? I mean wow didn't have really more things to do at lvl cap and people are still playing that game.

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