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Texting on an iPad - Yes You Can!

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Yes you can send and receive text messages on your iPad, for free, using one of the apps listed below!


I have downloaded both apps and use them both, they are free, they both work. The free version has some advertising, but for free it doesn't bother me, there is a paid version available for both if you prefer no ads. The person you are texting does not have to have the app installed, you can text anyone, anywhere, locally or internationally, to their cell phone or ipad and yes they can text you back! When you download the app you are given your very own number. The Hey Wire app let me choose from a list of numbers.

Text for free on iPad - also works on Android and iPhone - HeyWire

Hey Wire

  • Use Hey Wire to send FREE text messages to all your friends around the world! By giving you a REAL phone number, HeyWire allows you to send and receive free text messages to:
  • Any Mobile Phone in USA, Canada, Mexico & China
  • Most Any phone in the Caribbean, South & Central America
  • HeyWire-to-HeyWire Messaging is free in all countries worldwide!

iPad free texting app - also works on Android and iPhone - TextPlus

Text Plus
Text Plus is about the same as Hey Wire, different set up, different look but they both are essentially the same and offer the same free services as well as an upgrade to paid services.


Give them a try, have fun texting and saving a whole lot of money!

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Re: Texting on an iPad

Nice finds! Smile I've been using Google Voice to do the same thing, it also gives you a unique, free phone number and works on Android phones using your favorite texting app but I'm not sure if it can also be used in iPads or iPhones (don't have any Smile ). Tigertext is also a surprisingly good texting app that works on all phone platforms Cover your sexting tracks! Send private text messages on iphone, ipad, android and blackberry

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Re: Texting on an iPad

 Google Voice does have an iPhone app. I use it daily for texting. The app itself wouldn't work on an iPad since it has to be tied to a cell number. You might be able to use a Voip number to get around that. The only problem would be if you also use GV on an iPhone. One more number. The other and better option is to simply log into Google Voice's website through mobile Safari. Text all you want to any cell number and maintain less numbers. 

Update: I installed Talkatone on my daughter's iPad. Logged in to the app using her Google Voice log in information. She can now call and text for free over wifi. It defaulted to speaker phone for calls. I gave her my iPhone ear buds so she can make calls without using speaker phone. Works great. 

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