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Vampire Penguin? Zombie Guinea Pigs? We're Done For

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So what do you do when your married to a man who talks in his sleep but says really bizarre things? Well Karen and Adam Lennard are married, they live in London and he sleep talks. She found it funny and started blogging on it, "Sleep Talkin' Man". It has now become a internet hit.

Every day she posts what he said the night before. Here are some from previous nights:

Sleep Talkin' Man:
"Snail fiddling is not an occupation I'd be proud of. You dirty f****r." on 1/20/10

"My bagder's gonna unleash hell on your arse. Badgertastic!" on 1/19/10

"No, not the cats. Don't trust them. Their eyes. Their eyes. They know too much." on 1/19/10

"I want to be a cowboy. I don't want to be a panda. Pandas are boring, stupid and boring. Bad panda!" on 1/17/10

"Don't... Don't put the noodles and the dumplings together in the boat. They'll fight! The noodles are bullies. Poor dumplings." on 1-8-10

"Vampire penguins? Zombie guinea pigs? We're done for.... done for." on 1-1-10

that is only a very small sampling of his sleep talkin' CLICKY to read more.

He was featured on The Today Show (which included audio of his sleep talkin'):

So what do you think? Real or played up for 15 mins of fame?

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Re: Vampire Penguin? Zombie Guinea Pigs? We're Done For

Pretty funny if it's for real, but after the balloon boy fiasco I'm a skeptic.

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Re: Vampire Penguin? Zombie Guinea Pigs? We're Done For

Thats what I'm thinking but this dude has some great lines. I bet if you get him stoned he's even funnier.

"Press any key to continue, where's the any key?"

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