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Which New Phone Are You Going To Get?

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Apple iTunes AppStore Keeps Asking for / Won't Remember My Password!

Every time I try to update an app from the Apple Appstore in my iPad it asks me to enter my Appstore password and it's extremely annoying! Angry Frustrated Is there some way to have it remember my password so that I don't need to keep entering it?

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Apple iTunes App Store keeps forgetting my password!

I just got a new iPad and even though I've already entered my email and password many times, every time I try to update an app in the app store it keeps telling me to re-enter my password! I use really complicated passwords so this sucks! Is there some way to get it to asking me??

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Oops .. AT&T Exposes data for 100k ipad users

Well if you were one who ran out and had to get the latest apple gadget then you might have been exposed wrote:

A security hole in AT&T’s website has leaked out data on more than 100,000 iPad owners, including government and military officials, corporate CEOs, and media executives, according to Gawker, which calls the leaked information “the most exclusive e-mail list on the planet.”

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Apple Fanboys / Fangirls Have Their Own Dating Site ? LOL

So we all know how staunch Apple lovers can be, well now they will have their own dating website Laughing Launching in June 2010 is a place where you can meet and date a fellow Apple lover. The site will only launch on Apple platforms of course, no PC's allowed. Ridiculous? or does it make total geek sense?

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Not Only Will The iPad Cost You A Arm And A Leg But Also A Finger

Ok so a guy name Bill Jordan in Colorado goes into a Apple store to buy a ipad for a friend. In his bag was the iPad with the drawstring around his finger. He was robbed and they jerked the bag so hard that they removed his finger leaving only the bone. His finger had to be amputated. Well he was robbed of the new apple ipad and his statement to the robber was " I hope you understand what you have done to me and to my family's life - for a simple piece of apparatus that will be junk in a couple of years."

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Decorating Your MAC With A Skin

Ok I'm a big fan of decorating up your computer to make it more personal. Well I also know that the MAC computers do have a cool glowing apple in the middle so that limits you unless you want to cover it up and who wants to do that. Well now you have some cool options in MAC skins to show off that apple:

Vinylville at Etsy

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Yes You Can Put An iPad In A Blender! Plus Other Ways To Destroy One. (videos)

So are you an anti iPad person? Well here are 4 videos of folks killing an iPad. My favorite is the blender...awesome! Then you have the baseball bat, the iPad stress test and golf club vs the iPad (inspired by Tiger, I dunno).

iPad vs a Blender:

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iPad Compatible Clothing Line

Well there is an app for everything or so it seems and now a clothing line that has gadget-friendly pockets to fit all those gadgets like iPhones, iPods and now fits the iPad!


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