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Do You Believe It's Possible To Fall In Love Over The Internet With Someone You've Never Met In Real Life?

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Hi5 Spam: Are You Interested in the 12 People You Should Meet?

Sooo, for GeekDrop it's considered a part of my job to basically join anything and everything website-wise in order to find what's the best stuff to bring to you, the visitors and members, among other things. One unfortunate side effect of this is the sheer amount of spam that can clog up my inbox, some of which can really make you scratch your head in disbelief.

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The "Official" Friends With Benefits Agreement! - Send it to your Booty Call Today! - Updated for 2012+ (Funny!)

Friends With Benefits - Booty Call Agreement - Updated for 2012

I Averaged: 3.1 | 13 votes
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How to get a guy to stop talking to you. Or anyone else for that matter. (Funny Video)

This girl describes the best way, in her opinion, to get guys who are trying to get with her to back off. She also says it works for homeless beggers and door to door Jesus recruiters ROFL

I wonder how long it'll be before we all start seeing this face in bars, grocery stores and other places across America?? Big Grin


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Morgan Freeman is going to marry his granddaughter

OK this story has ewwww and WTF written all over it

National Enquire wrote:

the 72-year-old actor claim that he had carried on a shocking, nearly decade-long affair with his 27-year-old step-granddaughter, E'Dena Hines. She is the granddaughter of Morgan's first wife - whom he and his estranged second wife Myrna raised since she was a young child.

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Apple Fanboys / Fangirls Have Their Own Dating Site ? LOL

So we all know how staunch Apple lovers can be, well now they will have their own dating website Laughing Launching in June 2010 is a place where you can meet and date a fellow Apple lover. The site will only launch on Apple platforms of course, no PC's allowed. Ridiculous? or does it make total geek sense?

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Digital Dumping On The Rise?

Not surprisingly so, Digital Dumping is on the rise. Seems like a ton of people are taking the easy, cowardly way out and dumping their significant other via the internet.

"Over one third of 2,000 people polled (34 per cent) said they had ended a relationship by email, 13 per cent had changed their status on Facebook without telling their partners and six per cent had released the news unilaterally on Twitter".


So you just met a new guy/girl and you most likely will be going on a date soon, what is your preferred method of communication?

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