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Apple iTunes App Store keeps forgetting my password!

I just got a new iPad and even though I've already entered my email and password many times, every time I try to update an app in the app store it keeps telling me to re-enter my password! I use really complicated passwords so this sucks! Is there some way to get it to asking me??

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Need help with my iPod

I recently bought a new laptop because my mom didnt want me downloading music and what not on her computer. My iPod updated and erased everything so now there's nothing on it. I'm trying to put the music I have on my computer on it but my laptop doesnt recognize it. I looked under my devices and it's under the category unspecified. All it says is Apple mobile device USB driver. It sees that it's an iPod but that it's. My friend told me to try all of the USB ports but that didn't work. Any idea how to fix this? Help is greatly appreciated!

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Official GeekDrop Android & iPhone / iPod Touch Wallpaper

The official mobile device wallpaper thread!

Over time more and more wallpaper will be added to this thread. To start, here's our official GeekDrop Thunderbolt wallpaper! To download it and add it to your phone just right-click in the wallpaper and choose "Save as .." or "Save image as .." (whichever your browser decided to name that Wink ), and add it to your device.

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Arrange Icons Alphabetically on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - How To

How to Alphabetically Arrange Icons on an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch


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How To ReOrder iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

How To Move and Re- Order iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

Move and Re- Order iPhone Apps, iPod Touch Apps and iPad Applications

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How To Uninstall iPhone Apps - and iPod Touch Apps

How To Uninstall iPhone Apps - and iPod Touch Apps. I believe this is also the same process for iPad apps as well

Uninstall iPhone apps, uninstall iPod touch apps, and iPad

  1. Uninstalling iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad(?) apps is a simple thing to do. Just tap & hold any app's icon.

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How do I uninstall iPhone apps?

I just got a new iphone for christmas and installed a bunch of apps to play with and now my iPhone desktop is cluttered with apps I don't plan to use again. I dont see how to uninstall them though, can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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You Can Now Jailbreak Your iPhone Legally

If you have a iPhone or a iPod then you have probably heard about jailbreaking. Most will tell you that doing this is considered illegal, or at least Apple will tell you that. Well a ruling just came down from the courts saying it is legal to jailbreak your phone.

Yahoo News wrote:

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Can't drag playlists to my iPod in iTunes

I used to be able to drag my playlists to my ipod to transfer the songs to it, but now it just shows me the circle with a line through it?

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Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod or iPad 3G

I have been waiting for some time to jailbreak my son's iPod because it was a 3 generation one (the 64GB one). I could have used the older jailbreaks but it would have required tethering and for me that was not a option. Well I'm happy to say there is a new jailbreak for those who have the 3 generation. The jailbreak is called Spirit Jailbreak. Its pretty easy to do and they seamed to have worked out the bugs they had.

Ok here is my son's ipod now


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