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Bit-Torrent vs Warez Sites

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With the ongoing lawsuits and the take down of some of the more popular torrent sites like Pirate Bay alot of P2P users are going over to warez sites.

SO what are warez sites? Well the most popular one I would say (and so would Computer World) would be rapid share. Basically they are sites that allow you to place your files on and will allow others to download. They do not monitor what files you place on the site so that seams to be the next generation of pirating.

Warez sites are easy to use and most are free. Rapidshare is free however they do have a premium area so that you have no download wait times and you can upload larger files.

So who has used one of the file sharing sites (be if for warez or not)?

I have used rapidshare and I have defiantly seen the trend move towards warez. The are easier to use and no seeding is needed. Plus with most of those sites - including rapidshare they do not save and store your info on.

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Re: Bit-Torrent vs Warez Sites

I've used Mediafire which is the exact same concept as Rapidshare. It let's me distribute files I own the rights to. I can just point some one to the link and it's way easier than emailing it. And yes I really do own the rights.

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