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New iMAC, Does it Have a Built-In Web Server Like IIS Did on Windows?

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I need more help with my new Mac! I used to use IIS on my Windows PC to run a photo gallery software package that I could use from anywhere, and registered a domain that I used GoDaddyGoDaddy Domain Registrar to point to my home server. I had to setup an SQL server on it, PHP, and everything, so it has it's own database and I've spend many hours adding pictures to it, tagging them, and so on, so I would like to just move this all over to my new Mac as painlessly as possibly. My question is, does a Mac have a built-in web server software like Windows had IIS? And if so, how do I use it?

Also, how about my SQL database? And any other tips would be immensely appreciated! Smile

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James T.
Re: New iMAC, Does it Have a Built-In Web Server Like IIS ...

Wow. Okay so first, yes it has Apache built-in. You could install a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) equivalent for Mac. And go through all the configuration. There are plenty of sites on how to setup a web services on a Mac that would do a better job than me.

That said, I think your better option is download Picasa from Google. Setup a Google+ account and share your photos from there. If you have more than 5GB of photos, setup a flickr account which I think now have 1TB for free. This would also ensure you have a remote backup of your photos which in these days of destructive weather is always a good idea.

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