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New FaceBook Virus Alert

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There's a new FaceBook virus going around .... It's actually a "Phish", which means you are baited into going to a false page that looks just like the FaceBook login page, where unsuspecting people may think they've somehow been logged out of FaceBook and re-enter their login and password. Once they do, the "phishermen" log and save your login information, and use your profile however they want.
This one starts in the form of a FaceBook App / Game notice, or a shared news item / link. Once infected, your account will start sending out mass notices to get more people to hopefully enter their login credentials on the fake login page.
Here are some screenshots of some of the infected users and the messages that get sent out:

facebook virus
facebook phish

As shown highlighed in the above 2, and following screenshots, so far the fake Facebook login pages have the URL's: "" and "" in the messages. However, it may change at any time if the phisher(s) were to decide to change them.

Take a look at what your own wall might look like if you're a friend of an infected person ...

facebook infected
And looking at the facebook wall of an infected facebooker, *phew* ... he's sending out a a hot mess of phish invites while he's probably out eating dinner in real life, completely unaware ...
facebook phishing spam
IMPORTANT: Here's where people are screwing up ... the screenshot below shows the fake facebook login screen that you'll be sent to if you chose to click any of those links.

A couple of things to watch for:

  • If you look up at the URL, it WON'T say This is the #1 thing to pay close attention to! If it doesn't say, close the tab, page, browser, whatever, but do NOT fill in your login information! In the case of this one, once clicking on one of the spam links, you'll get redirected to "farmville-rares . com" or a redirected xixam URL.
  • This particular fake login screen says "Farmville" on it. The regular Facebook login page does not. This however isn't a reliable indicator of a fake login page, because it's easy enough to just make it say the right thing. Always look up at the URL if you're uncertain. If you're ever uncertain, just bail. Better safe than sorry.
facebook fake login page email password
If however you fell for it, the following screen is where you'll be sent. It's on the real facebook website, however that no longer matters. You've just given someone your login and password, and they simply redirected you to the real facebook.

I have not taken the time to see if this is also a fake app or the real farmville app. It's quite possible this one is a lookalike as well, and is used to automate their spamming once you've given it permission. Best bet is to NOT ALLOW it if you see this. Just close the page.

facebook farmville

"Ok, so I'm infected, now what do I do?"
  • Immediately change your facebook password!
  • You may need to delete the app if you Allowed it, and it's not the real Farmville app. If anyone has confirmed this is a fake (or real app) please post and let everyone know. One way to find out is to compare the app id in the URL from the screen above after entering fake login info on the phishing page with the app id of the real farmville app. Again, app id's for all apps can be found as a parameter in the URL.
  • Apologize profusely to all of your spam victims for not paying close enough attention to the URL's you enter your Login information in, and hope that they forgive you, especially if they got bit because of it too. Smile
  • "Like" the GeekDrop Facebook fan page by clicking HERE, to stay informed of any more Facebook alerts as they come out.
  • "Like" this post by clicking the "Like" button at the top of this thread so that all of your friends can be informed about this threat as well. Click HERE to jump to the top.

Extra information

Here are just some of the messages that are being sent out by the infected facebookers:

Hey <name>, what's up? my best friend told me about this diet a few days ago. she lost like 20 lbs in a month and she didn't have to do much! i saw an article on CNN about it and decided to give it a try and i am already down 12 pounds in 2 weeks. i only spent $60, much cheaper than my personal trainer!! Laughing


Want to see how i lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks?
This stuff is great. This is the best weight loss product on the market today! CBS News and CNN Both give it great reviews! Check it out.


Hey <name>, I made this gift just for you, It took me a while to find one for you but its worth a ton! Hope you like it!!

I just sent you a rare present i made myself, Check it out! It will help you ALOT!
You got a present. It's 5 free All Nighters to use in Scavenger Hunt, Plus some other treasures! a $150 value! Happy Hunting!

The above one may have this as it's title instead: "Omg, You gotta see this!"

Hey <name> , You gotta try this out!! I played frogger against claudina on this site, and just for getting a high score i won $500! Look at my earnings for today just for playing a video game! Try it out and let me know how much you make, its a free download!

Play Free Games Online and Win Cash! Look at Today's Earnings!
Click here to play any of our free games. Getting a high score will earn you cash! Its Free!

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Re: New FaceBook Virus Alert

Thanks for the heads up! although that weight loss one reeks of spam.

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