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Ever turn off your menu bar in Firefox? I did..

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In an effort to clean up the top of my Firefox display I inadvertently turned off my main menu bar.. OOOPS! Once you do that you can't get to edit to turn it back on.

Here is how to fix:

  • Hold down the "ALT" key and press these letters in this exact order: V T M
  • The Menu Bar should now be visible again

To turn it off again (if you want):

  • Go to View | Toolbars
  • Click the "Menu" item

You can also enable or disable other toolbars:

  • Go to View | Toolbars
  • Clicking an item will place a check mark (enabled) or remove the check mark (disabled)

To display the Status Bar (the long bar at the very bottom of your browser window):

  • Go to View
  • Click "Status Bar" to place a check mark (enabled) or remove the check mark (disabled)

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Re: Ever turn off your menu bar in Firefox? I did..

Alt V T M WORKED! Blessed if I know how I turned the bally bar off in the first place, but I've got it back now, THANK YOU EVER SO! (I'm not shouting: just VERY HAPPY and grateful!)

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