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Firefox freezing until I move my mouse to the tab bar?

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I'm using Firefox 5 although this was also happening on version 4, when I have a lot of tabs open or if I run it for too long navigating to a web page will stop loading until I move my mouse cursor over the tab bar. I used to have a problem where I just needed to move the mouse to get the page to finish loading but oddly even that doesn't really work now, it has to be moved over the tab bar at the top of the browser window. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Re: Firefox freezing until I move my mouse to the tab bar?

Try disabling ALL your add-ons and see if this clears up. If it does, enable the add-ons one-by-one, restarting Firefox and testing in between. Enable the add-ons in the order of your favorite ones first until you figure out which (in any) are causing it to lock up.

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Re: Firefox freezing until I move my mouse to the tab bar?

Yes this issues has been around for over a decade and flash sucks. That being said one of the longer threads ; (link)

was closed and I wanted to share a resolution that I found. It's more of a work-around
Long story short, it makes zero sense, but flash videos in any browser seem to just freeze, and waiting any amount of time does nothing. If you move the mouse cursor, even a little bit, the video resumes for a short period.
Caches have been cleared, re-installs, new OSes etc, everything under the sun.
No solution found and most threads close or expire.

Run a free , small , exe program called "Move Mouse".

Does exactly that. I set mine to 1 second move mouse and now I can leave the cursor over top the video and it never freezes!

Made an account just to post this as it's been driving me crazy on multiple systems for years!

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Re: Firefox freezing until I move my mouse to the tab bar?

its compatibillity issue. just go to start - type msconfig - then select sart up - disable all - restart computer
the problem will be gone
enable microsoft and trusted known programs
enable programs one by one till finding the program that cause the issue

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