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Nice Free App to Speed Up Firefox In Windows and Mac

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Speed Up Firefox in Windows and Mac - For Free

We all know there are possibly hundreds of ways to tweak Firefox to speed it up in this way or that. Well, here's another one, Laughing. This tiny, free program is about as easy as it gets to do, as opposed to many of the other tips and tweaks that have you digging into weird config files and settings that you don't understand. It's as easy as 1 .. 2 ... (in case you were wondering where the "3" is, there isn't one ... you're all done after "2"). Wink

Speed up firefox
Once you start the program, it's just a matter of selecting your Firefox profile(s) and clicking the "Speed Up My Firefox" button.

It can take anywhere from just a few minutes to ~an hour. What it does is nothing revolutionary; at least not to your everyday programmer. Any software that uses databases, which FF does, as well as some of it's extensions, (SQLITE database(s) in FF's case) will generally benefit by compacting / defragging the database(s) after they've been in use for a while. They can get bloated and full of 'junk' just like your regular computer after awhile, which (hopefully) you also run a defragger on once in a while. (You do don't you? Wink ).

So that's what Speedyfox does, it just optimizes and compacts any SQLITE database(s) it finds regarding FF, which can have some impact on speed if they've gotten messy enough over time. Here's a snippet from their website:


... you will get a fresh newly-installed feel because the speed indeed gets considerably faster. You will get up 3 times faster start-up speed, browsing history will become faster, and performing operations with cookies will be quicker than before.

I ran it on mine, and while I can't really say that I got that 'newly installed' feel, (since I also run a staggering amount of extensions as well), it certainly doesn't hurt anything (read: generally very safe to do), and it's nice knowing I've done some tweakage. Wink

Give it a shot and let us know if you got that fresh, newly installed feel. Wink

Download it HERE

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