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How can I set my Firefox to automatically use a certain profile?

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Here's my problem, I have a shortcut to the regular 32 bit version of Firefox which I use as my main browser because there isn't a real 64 bit version of it to use (common already Mozilla! Get with the #$(*# times!! Angry ), BUT I also have a shortcut to the FF Nightly version which is 64 Bit. Stick with me here! I created a profile for my Regular version, and a profile for my Nightly version so that I don't accidentally screw something up since using the same profile for each can seriously screw things up sometimes.

What I want to do is when I click on my Regular FF shortcut have it automatically use the profile I created for the 32 bit version, and when I click the Nightly shortcut have IT automatically use the profile I made for the 64 bit version. Right now I have both shortcuts set to use the -ProfileManager switch and I set the profile manager window to NOT use the 'automatically use this profile' option, and manually choose which profile to use for each one. Is there some sort of trick to get them to do what I need to do?

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Re: How can I set my Firefox to automatically use a certain ...

You've come to the right place Wink

All you'll need to do is replace the -ProfileManager switch in your shortcuts to use the -P switch, followed in quotes by the exact profile name. For example to use the profile named "GeekDrop (x32)" for the 32 bit version you would use this in your shortcut:

"E:\Internet\Browsers\Firefox.\firefox..exe" -P "GeekDrop (x32)"

and then on your 64 bit Nightly shortcut you'd just use:

"E:\Internet\Browsers\Firefox. x64 Nightly\firefox..exe" -P "GeekDrop (x64)"

Then whenever you click the shortcut to either version of Firefox it would automatically launch using their respective profile. Smile

Note: Of course your FF installation might not be at E:\Internet\Browsers, so you'd just add the -P switch behind whatever path yours is. Also, the quotes around the profile name are only really necessary if your profile name(s) have any spaces in them.

For a list of all available FF command line switches that you can use in shortcuts look at the full list of FF command line arguments page.

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