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No more ads on your websites

Hi all

Thought I share this newly discovered app. I was totally fed up of seeing adds when I surfed the web especially when looking for torrents and being bombarded with Russian chicks that want to date me or show me their boobs. Addblock for chrome is the one I got for free even adds on Facebook is gone now I can surf in peace. Check it out it is available for FF and Mozilla users.

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Firefox is EXTREMELY laggy when Flash videos are playing!

Can anyone help me this is driving me batish! I'm using Firefox 16 64 bit and whenever I play any video my mouse cursor gets very laggy and choppy, especially when moving the cursor over the video itself. I'm completely updated with my Adobe Flash and FF but it still happens. I never had this problem in FF 15. Is there some way to downgrade without losing my settings and stuff?

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Firefox 16, can no longer middle mouse click to open links in a new tab!

I updated my Firefox to version 16 and where I used to be able to middle-click on links to open them in a new tab, now NOTHING happens when I do it. No new tab opens or anything. I've looked through all of my settings and can't find anything that has changed from my previous settings regarding opening middle-clicked links in a new tab / window. HALP!

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How can I set my Firefox to automatically use a certain profile?

Here's my problem, I have a shortcut to the regular 32 bit version of Firefox which I use as my main browser because there isn't a real 64 bit version of it to use (common already Mozilla! Get with the #$(*# times!! Angry ), BUT I also have a shortcut to the FF Nightly version which is 64 Bit. Stick with me here!

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Firefox freezing until I move my mouse to the tab bar?

I'm using Firefox 5 although this was also happening on version 4, when I have a lot of tabs open or if I run it for too long navigating to a web page will stop loading until I move my mouse cursor over the tab bar. I used to have a problem where I just needed to move the mouse to get the page to finish loading but oddly even that doesn't really work now, it has to be moved over the tab bar at the top of the browser window. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Nice Free App to Speed Up Firefox In Windows and Mac

Speed Up Firefox in Windows and Mac - For Free

We all know there are possibly hundreds of ways to tweak Firefox to speed it up in this way or that. Well, here's another one, Laughing. This tiny, free program is about as easy as it gets to do, as opposed to many of the other tips and tweaks that have you digging into weird config files and settings that you don't understand. It's as easy as 1 .. 2 ... (in case you were wondering where the "3" is, there isn't one ... you're all done after "2"). Wink

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How To Temporarily Bypass Your Browser's Cache To See The Latest Version Of A Page

How To Temporarily Bypass Your Browser's Cache To See The Latest Version Of A Page

Sometimes you may want (or need) to see the very latest version of a web page, for example, you're designing a web page, or working with a site who's content frequently changes, like a Wiki type website, or any myriad of reasons. Here's how to temporarily bypass the cache on your browser so that you can see the current version of a page, while still being able to keep your normal cache settings, or having to go into your browser settings to alter them.
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Ever turn off your menu bar in Firefox? I did..

In an effort to clean up the top of my Firefox display I inadvertently turned off my main menu bar.. OOOPS! Once you do that you can't get to edit to turn it back on.

Here is how to fix:

  • Hold down the "ALT" key and press these letters in this exact order: V T M
  • The Menu Bar should now be visible again

To turn it off again (if you want):

  • Go to View | Toolbars
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Cool Tip To Auto-select The Private Checkbox In The Firefox Addon

I'm a personally a huge fan of, and it's Firefox addon. I don't even use the regular Bookmarks option in my browser anymore and use that instead. That way I have access to all of my bookmarks, tagged, from anywhere I want.

Anyway, one thing about the addon that has always irked me is that I had to manually check the "Mark as Private" checkbox every single time I added a new bookmark, since I like to keep all of mine private. But no mas! Here's a slick tip on setting up the addon to automatically check the Mark as Private for you.

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Coming Soon "Tab Candy" For Firefox

Tab Candy is currently in Beta testing at Firefox and I'm really excited about it. I'm one who has a dozen or so tabs open at once, currently I have 17 open Laughing. Anyways with tab candy you can organize them, set them into groups or do a quick look to see what you have by looking at a little snap shot of them. Here is a little video that explains it much better then I can...


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